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    National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) aims to become a world-class university, through the implementation of the Ministry of Education’s “Plan to Develop World-Class Universities and Top-Notch Research Centers,”. The mission of any excellent university is to nurture an elite that will lead society in future. To accomplish such a mission requires a group of outstanding professors able to bring out the potential of students. In a rapidly-changing globalized world full of challenge, innovation is essential and top-notch research plans and diverse and forward-looking curriculum design are needed to nurture talent with the ability to innovate. To attract first-rate professors and students, a university must establish and maintain a healthy operating system, excellent working environment, comprehensive infrastructure and a merit-based evaluation mechanism. Only by maintaining such high standards, can the effectiveness of a university be optimized.
    With its present scale, NTHU cannot exert the influence on society that it should. However, being "small but beautiful" means that investment in NTHU can bring maximum benefits. Supported by government funding and policy, research and teaching will be expanded to allow the advantages of scale to be enjoyed and the university to make a bigger contribution to academia, industry and the society as a whole. First-rate university management requires a relatively flexible and efficient administrative structure. The university will actively coordinate with government policy and seek to become a legal person, actively achieving a relaxation in personnel, funding and management policies, and thereby strengthening international competitiveness.
    Using funds acquired under this plan, NTHU will build new e-learning classrooms equipped with all the necessary teaching equipment. This will allow the best professors to teach basic courses in various fields and provide students with after-class individual tuition by experienced teaching assistants. In this way, the numbers of students taught by the university can be significantly increased, without increasing the teaching load of professors’. We will also increase the number of students admitted by selection, giving lower year students in other universities the opportunity to study at NTHU. We also plan to invite professors and teachers from other universities in Taiwan to cooperate with the best NTHU research teams and share research resources as a way of stimulating the overall development of higher education in Taiwan. In addition, NTHU aims to engage in close cooperation with top international universities. We will also invite local universities to participate in international teaching and research activities organized through this plan, promote the internationalization of higher education in Taiwan.